Pictured above is The University of Texas School of Law’s LawMeet team from the 2017 Transactional LawMeet Regional Competition at the University of California, Los Angeles.

LawMeet Registration

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Transactional LawMeet® Program

Each year, The University of Texas School of Law sends several teams of students to participate in the Transactional LawMeet® competition.

LawMeet® is the premier “moot court” experience for students interested in transactional practice. The competition takes place in the spring semester and involves three phases beginning with preparation of a draft agreement. Teams will then conduct a mark up of the opposing team’s draft. The third, and final, phase involves an in-person negotiation with the opposing team.

In recent years teams from UT Law have competed and earned multiple accolades at LawMeet competitions across the nation. Moreover, UT Law sent one team to the national LawMeet competition in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

For the 2018-2019 school year, The University of Texas School of Law will be sending three teams to compete at the following Regional LawMeet competitions:

  • Will be annnounced October 2018

UT Intramural Competition

In the fall semester, the Texas Business Law Society hosts an intramural competition for first-year and upper-level students. The competition is an opportunity for students to draft and negotiate a corporate document or agreement in a manner that mirrors corporate practice. The competition is judged by corporate partners and associates from firms all over the state of Texas.

The 2018 competition will be held on Saturday, October 20. During the competition, participants compete against their peers over two rounds of negotiation. The goal is to reach a deal and show your skills in articulating your client’s needs. There will be a reception with judges and participants following the competition.

11:00 a.m. — Lunch and Registration for Participants
12:00 –2:00 p.m. — Round One of Competition
2:00 — 4:00 p.m. — Round Two of Competition
4:00 — 6:00 p.m. — Reception and Awards Ceremony


First-Year Students

First-year law students will compete individually or in pairs to draft and negotiate a non-disclosure agreement. The students will be given a neutral form agreement to markup as buyer-friendly or seller-friendly. The buyer and seller teams will negotiate in two rounds, against two different teams. Judges will provide each team with feedback on their drafting and negotiation skills.

Upper-Level Students

Second-year, third-year, and LL.M. students will individually draft and negotiate a venture capital term sheet (1-2 pages in length). One student will represent the founder of a startup, while the other student will represent the venture capital firm that wants to invest. The students will be given the National Venture Capital Association form term sheet and draft the terms sheet to fit the competition problem.

The upper-level students will be invited to apply for one of the traveling LawMeet teams. The teams consist of 3-5 students and are coached by alumni of UT Law and TBLS.


To train the competition participants, Texas Business Law Society will host a two-day practicum on Tuesday, September 25, 4-6:15 pm and Tuesday, October 2nd, 4-6:15 pm. These practicums will cover topics like negotiation, drafting skills, and venture capital basics. Attorneys from Kirkland and Ellis will be hosting the practicum on Tuesday, October 2nd, 4-6:15 pm

Why You Should Join LawMeet

  • Learn about corporate law in a practical environment
  • Develop relationships with associates and partners at firms all across Texas
  • Hone drafting and negotiation skills
  • Build your resume in a manner that demonstrates keen interest in corporate law

Pictured above is The University of Texas School of Law’s LawMeet team from the 2017 Transactional LawMeet Competition that made it to the National Round in New York City.