TBLS Weekly Update (08/30/15 – 09/05/15)


Dues– TBLS has altered its fee system this year to reward our returning members with lower fees. The fee schedule is as follows:

1Ls – $40
2Ls & 3Ls (New to TBLS) – $30
2Ls (Returning) – $20
3Ls (Returning) – $10

To pay dues: Please leave a clearly marked envelope with your name and email at the TBLS mailbox at the communications center in the atrium. Email txbusinesslaw@gmail.com when you drop off dues so that someone can collect them. As you will see below, several of our events and society shirts are only available for dues paying members.

T-Shirts! – Hopefully will be ready by the Organization Fair this Thursday, Sept 3. T-Shirts will definitely be available by Friday, Sept. 4. Members that filled out the survey with t-shirt sizes will have guaranteed t-shirts. The shirts will be the same design and type of shirt as last year, but in the color Melon.

BASEBALL CAPS! – We have ordered Baseball Caps and they will be handed out on a first come, first serve basis. They will be $18. If you would like to reserve a baseball cap or want more details on the caps please email txbusinesslaw@gmail.com. These will be handed out beginning the day of the Organization Fair (Sept. 3). Again, there are only 75 caps so please email to reserve yours!

1L Section Representatives – Interviews for 1L Section Representatives will be occurring soon. If you’re interested please send an email to txbusinesslaw@gmail.com expressing your interest in the position.

Outline Bank – To gain access fill out the Outline Bank form. The outline bank is also available only to dues paying members.

10-Q Newsletter – The new 10-Q is on the website. Check it out!


09/03 Student Organization Fair – TBLS will have a table during the Organization Fair from 12-2:00 PM in the Atrium. We encourage all members to swing by and pick up their beautiful TBLS coozie and help us recruit 1Ls. Also, members are welcome to drop off their dues during the Fair. If you would like to volunteer for a shift at the Organization Fair, please email txbusinesslaw@gmail.com

09/17 1L Happy Hour – Please plan on coming out Thursday, September 17 from 8-10 PM to our 1L Happy Hour! TBLS will be welcoming the new 1L class with this event prior to Bar Review. Of course we will have a bar tab and it should be a great time so we hope you all can make it. We will let you know the location as soon as possible.

09/25 Associate Luncheon – Come network and meet associates from top law firms at our Associate Luncheon. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear first hand about what it is like to practice transactional law.

10/14 Partner Panel – Partners from top law firms will be coming to campus to speak with students, discuss their practice areas, and what they expect from associates.


Debt Instrument – A paper or electronic obligation that enables the issuing party to raise funds by promising to repay a lender in accordance with terms of a contract. Types of debt instruments include notes, bonds, certificates, mortgages, leases or other agreements between a lender and a borrower.


You can watch China’s state investors inflating its stock market. The money pours in right before the end of the trading day.

International Monetary Fund Officials should have seen it coming. They knew they were on a flawed course when they bailed out Greece in 2010, and the compromises they made then have continued to haunt them—and much of Europe.

“Manspreading” and “butt dial” are officially words. The online Oxford Dictionary also added “beer o’clock”

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